Catify Your Flat

A Place for Your Moggy to Meow

Happy Citty is a friendly, fun, and interactive information hub for new and experienced indoor cat owners. Would you like to learn how to affordably catify your flat? In need of more ideas to ensure your bundle of joy is staying active, healthy, and stimulated indside? You’ve come to the right place!

Happy Citty Tip

For the optimum hide and seek experience to ensure ‘happy citty’, ensure there are plenty of hidden in plain sight objects and furniture.

Often times our furry friends seem to pretend they’re hidden so its always best to play along with this optical illusion.

New to the cat parent life? Or well versed but lacking space in your home?
Explore how to affordably catify your flat and the different things this could entail for you.

Has your cat suddenly changed its demeanour? Reacting to you differently? Learn how the environment can affect its health and behaviour, and what can be done to improve.

Still need more information? I aim to keep updating the site in future. However, there is a list of useful websites, books, and documentaries that helped with the content of this site.