Catify Your Flat


With the recent cost of living crisis, we want to point you to some tips for affurrrdable options and creative DIY ideas that you can use to try out on your cats.


As well as toys, cat furniture is also very important.

Without their own furniture they will have no choice but to take over your own bed, sofa, and kitchen counter.

Actually, they will do that regardless.

If you wanted, you could obtain some human furniture that also benefits the cats!

Need a new bookcase? How about one with staggered levels that can act as a staircase. Cool right? You both win!

There is also the option of little cat sized sofas too.

Radiator Bed

These are easy to set up as they just hook over the top of the radiator and are great for two reasons.

One, they make for a nice toasty bed next to the heat, which our cats love nothing more.

And two, they offer a comforting height off the ground where cats can feel more intune with their wild traits and look down upon the peasants in their surroundings.

Cat Shelves

Cat shelves are a great addition to the home, so long as you remember to not actually use them as shelves.

They provide indoor enrichment for your cats, allowing them to climb up high without any breakages.

They utilise wall space instead of the floor, which means they’re great for homes with limited space!

Wall Scratch Posts

If you don’t have the space or money for a huge cat tree, these wall mounted scratch posts are great.

They’re available to be mounted either horizontally or vertically – the horizontal versions mean that they can also be used as ledges for them to step down to if you place a few together.

They’re relatively cheap and due to the smaller size, this means that they won’t take up too much of your living space.

Cat Play Tunnels

They can encourage interactive play and really exercises their wild instincts for stalking and hunting prey.

Fantastic for a game of hide and seek between friends, or even for a nap if they get too sleepy halfway through.

Toy Accessory Packs

Usually consisting of a mixture of balls and crinkle pom poms, these can be picked up very cheaply.

Alternatively, you could make your own using scrunched up tinfoil, pompoms and other materials.

Whilst seemingly very simple they can be an integral part of any cats’ toy chest.

The crinkle balls stimulate their hearing senses and is also the best toy to help calm them down.

Scratching Houses

Full of a variety of wonderful uses, these scratching houses are well loved among many a feline.

They act as a saviour to any rugs or carpets you may have, are able to be folded into a house so that it can serve as a good hiding spot.

The scratching also helps to remove the outer layers of cats nails, which keeps them happy and healthy!