Catify Your Flat


Learn the quirky behaviour of your new furry friends! Please note, this may vary with orange cats.

The Death Claw

Sometimes when you’re in close proximity to cats, they like to outstretch their paw mere centimetres away from your face. Claws and all.

I partly believe this is a rare show of affection from them. You are petting them so well that they want to show their appreciation and give you a little pat on the head too.

They just don’t realise how scary their claw machines can be (seems unlikely).

The wiser part of me feels like actually we might be slightly annoying them.

The Slow Blink

Have you been blessed with the slow blink? This means you are the chosen one.

No, but really. If a cat is comfortable enough to close its eyes around a human, then there is a very high chance that it trusts you. They can let their guard down and allow the comfortable sleepiness to wash over.

Legend has it when a cat slow blinks at you (not squinting, this is something else, known as the ‘devil eyes’) it is saying:

“I tolerate you, and will allow you to be on hand for all of my bothersome needs”.


Try not to punish your cat for being a cat! They scratch due to claw maintenance and being territorial. You could also just be bothering them too much.

Scratching is normal behaviour. If you don’t want your carpet or furniture messed up, then make sure you have enough outlets for them to use, such as scratching posts.

These should be positioned near entrances, exits, beds, and feeding stations. This creates an appropriate surface area. Avoiding competition if you have more than one fuzzy friend.

However, it is important to note that excessive scratching could be a sign of frustration. Usually from lack of exercise, fresh air or activities.

Try playing with your cat more frequently and using enriching toys. There are many such as wand toys (especially with a squeaky mouse at the end of it!) that will bring out the hunting genes.

The Zoomies

We all know of this, especially if you have more than one cat.

And usually it’s just when you’re trying to get some sleep at night! 

This is a fantastic way for cats to use up excess energy at the end of the day (or night), and is very normal behaviour.