Catify Your Flat


What could be more fun and rewarding than making your own interactive DIY cat puzzles? And at a fraction of the cost! Here are just some ideas with everyday items that I hope can inspire you. The possibilities are truly endless!

Food Puzzles

Stop! Ran out of toilet or kitchen roll? Don’t throw away the empty roll!

They can be more valuable than you think, and actually pretty fun to make something from.

Items Needed:

  • Spare cardboard box.
  • Empty rolls of varying sizes.
  • Non-toxic PVA glue or tape.
  • Scissors.


  • Measure the height of the rolls against the box, and trim accordingly to size.
  • If needed, trim the size of the box down, ensuring no misshapen edges are left.
  • Stick the rolls or tubes to the inside base of the box. Please note if glueing it is best to leave overnight to dry.
  • And finally, scatter your kitty’s favourite treats or dry food inside the tubes.
  • Enjoy the ecstatic meal time!
Scissors, sellotape, PVA glue, empty toilet rolls and a cardboard box placed on top of a table
Do it yourself cat activity box with varying sized toilet rolls stuck to inside of cardboard box

Physical Activities

What if your cats get bored of the above food game and no longer wish to participate?

You could reuse the pre-prepared box of magical rolls and turn it into something a little more exciting and playful.

Items Needed:

  • Previous cardboard box.
  • String or pipe cleaners.
  • Bell/cork to attach to string.
  • Scissors.


  • Carefully poke a small hole through some of the tubes along one edge using the scissors.
  • Tie the string through the hole.
  • Tie the item to the string and let it dangle from the tubes.
  • Stand the box up so that the edge with the hanging string is at the top.
  • Enjoy play time!
String, scissors and 3 corks artistically presented on a table
Cat activity cardboard box with empty toilet rolls glued on. Corks and rolls also attached via string