Catify Your Flat


Many indoor cat owners will spend approximately up to 1 hour a day playing and interacting with their cats. This helps to increase their daily exercise as they get significantly less in comparison to their outdoor counterparts.

Make it Rewarding

From the survey results received, 28.6% of outdoor cat owners said that their pet spends approximately 3-5 hours outside a day.

This shows how much potential exercise and activities indoor cats are missing out on!

It is important for us to replace that with interactive toys, furniture and other sources of entertainment that can provide exercise.

Part of the outdoor cat experience is hunting, so why not replicate this inside?

We could replicate a similar version of this within the home by using treats…If they need more exercise then, what better way than to tempt them with food?

The Energy Toll

Often times cats use up a lot of their energy in sudden bursts of playfulness and extreme chaos.

Understandably so, this stamina can get used up rather quickly! Although it sometimes might not seem like it if you have kittens.

Cats spend around 12-16 hours per day snoozing – more than half the day!

This is to ensure they are fully recovered before causing even more chaos the following day.