Catify Your Flat

Feline Good

Make sure you have plenty of blankets, pillows, and other comfy spots. Help your cat on the way to feline good!

The Cat Bakery

I hope you don’t have a favourite blanket because it is now (one of many) of your cat’s favourite blankets. Here they will practice their kneading skills in preparation for the next cat bake off competition.

Kneading enables cats to massage their paws and alleviate any stress that might have built up.

This is a behaviour they also usually do when they are happy!

Assuming you don’t want their claws to be digging into you, this is when the blanket comes in handy as it means they can come for a nice snuggle on your lap without maiming you.

Sunbathing Spots

In any apartment or flat, a great way to enhance your kitty sunbathing time is suction window beds.

These are easily attached to your window and don’t take up a lot of space at all. Either use on their own or incorporate into a mini cat course for them to jump down onto.

This also allows them to sit and watch all the outside entertainment!

It is a good idea to place some cat furniture, for example a cat tree, near a window if you can. This gives them a high up view of all the happenings of the outside world, whilst simultaneously being able to bask in the sun.

The Copy Cat

Cats are fantastic sensory creatures. If you’re stressed and showing visible signs, they will likely pick up on this and act accordingly.

It is important to keep this in mind to ensure their welfare.

If you notice that they are frightened of something and constantly waking you up in the night for comfort, this can actually backfire.

They could become too dependant on you. Over-comforting them tells them that they are right to be afraid of this thing, and they soon lose their independence.

If they’re scratching at your door at night, it is best to ignore. You can attach soft material such as spare bits of carpet to muffle the sound to help you sleep (and save the door).

Ensure that there are some comfortable dens for them to settle down in, such as in a spare bedroom.