Catify Your Flat

Hide and Seek

Cats aren’t social creatures. They can be when they want to be. But once they’ve had enough, they like a corner to go off and snooze in. This is when the hide and seek game commences!

Nooks and Crannies

It is important for cats to have plenty of hiding spaces and areas they can go to be alone.

They especially prefer to clean themselves with a bit of privacy so it is a good idea to give them a few different options to go!

Ideally there should be a range of different settings – cosy corners, high perches, and warm places

Cat Igloos

Cat igloos are the perfect must have at a cost effective price. They can act as both a comfy bed and also a nice dark spot for them to hideaway in.

Giving them an enclosed space allows them to have somewhere to retreat to when they’re not feeling very social and want some ‘me-ow’ time.

This also means you can keep an eye on them and know exactly where they are without disturbing them!

Leave Them Be

When your cat goes off for some alone time, it is important to leave them be.

Further attempts at interacting and trying to force them to be sociable could just be perceived as a threat! This could easily impact the owner-cat relationship if it happens often.

Give them their space when they want it, they will be sure to let you know when they want you to give them some fuss and attention!