Catify Your Flat

Wild Flat

Today’s house cats still have their wild ancestral traits. Its important to try to recreate their wild surroundings and comforts as a wild flat!

Cat Trees

Cat trees, as alluded to in the name, are great for replicating real life trees that their wild genes are used to.

These are important because it gives them the height and somewhere safe for them to perch, away from any commotion.

Typically in the wild, this is where they would be on the lookout for prey but also other predators.

Enclosed Balconies

Whilst of course not essential, if you do have the luxury of having a balcony – why not make it cat friendly!

You can buy guards that usually consist of cloth or plastic mesh netting to attach to the railings. Creating a safety net so they can’t reach through the gaps.

Especially handy if you don’t have a garden, this allows cats to experience some of the outside world whilst staying completey safe.

Also a great opportunity to get some sun!

However, please do ensure to keep a close eye on your pet as accidents can and do happen. A catio or an old dog cage (that can be cosied up!) is more ideal.

This ensures your cat can still feel the breeze and other outdoor experiences whilst staying safe.

Stepping Stones

Cats love heights and climbing, generally to stay out of people’s way whilst still being able to keep an eye on them. Or to find a comfy sleeping spot.

Cat shelves are a fantastic idea for your pets. It gives them extra space to explore without knocking anything off and causing damage.

This is also another way of replicating the height from a cat tree. Ideal for if you don’t have the space for one of those in your apartment.